Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape Lighting - Charlottesville

Outdoor landscape lighting installation can change the way your property looks and feels.

Lighting can have a dramatic impact on your property, at a fraction of the cost of a major remodel! Great lighting can welcome your visitors, improve property safety, and give your home an inviting glow that is often lacking!

Exterior Landscape Lighting Options

We offer a wide variety of exterior landscape lighting options like pathway lights, string lights, patio lights, retaining wall lights, LED landscape lights, outdoor wall lighting, solar landscape lights, and automated landscape lighting options that will take the work out of remembering to turn the lights on.  Call us when you need a professional residential outdoor landscape lighting expert in Charlottesville VA!

We have the experience you’ll need to get the project done right.

  • Patio lights

  • Entrance lighting

  • Exterior Tree Lights

  • String lights

  • Solar landscape lights

  • LED landscaping lighting

  • Low voltage landscape lighting

  • Pool Deck lighting

  • Smart Automated landscape lighting design, smart lighting installation, and repair

  • Landscape lighting repairs

  • Hardscape lighting design and installation

  • Expert Outdoor landscape lighting design

  • Moonlight landscape lighting - outdoor lighting effects

Please reach out to us for more information on outdoor landscape lighting and residential lighting projects. We have the expertise you need for any landscaping lighting installation and excel in finding solutions that are well-designed, functional, and help bring safety to your well-illuminated home. Call us!

Residential Outdoor Lighting
Residential Outdoor Lighting

Maintenance and Repair on Your Current Exterior Lighting

We can take care of your current lighting system, regardless of whether we installed your exterior lights or another contractor helped you. We will inspect your current system for burned-out bulbs, electrical wiring issues, and areas that have become dark over time.

Your lighting solution will need supervision and enhancements as the usage of your home changes and grows over time. We’d be happy to work with you and keep your exterior lighting system beautiful and functional for years to come.

Charlottesville’s Best Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company

With the help of commercial solar landscape lighting options, outdoor string lights, and/or LED outdoor lighting fixtures, we can increase your energy efficiency while also boosting your home’s curb appeal.  

Contact us today for all your outdoor residential lighting needs.